Bridging the Gap: Where Sponsorship Transforms Lives

DIVA WOW...stands apart, offering an exclusive avenue for corporate and small business sponsors.
Our focus is clear: empowering women as they embark on the exhilarating journey
into the world of shooting, hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. Women have
become the fastest-growing demographic in these industries, your partnership
with DIVA WOW opens doors to a vibrant and ever-expanding market.

We encourage businesses and individuals to become a valued sponsor, contributing to our
mission of introducing and educating women shooting, hunting, fishing and
outdoor activities. Sponsorship packages are tailored to every budget, we
provide a spectrum of exposure and advertising opportunities. Our sponsors
aren't just contributors; they're an integral part of our outdoor journey.

Women's participation in target shooting and outdoor activities surged to a remarkable
85 percent of the outdoor population. Women require specialized products and
services to continue to advance in the outdoors. DIVA WOW is at the forefront,
facilitating dialogue and connecting a dynamic membership with manufacturers
eager to capture the female market.

Our foundation, DIVA International, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, providing funds to
encourage women seeking participation in outdoor events and clinics. We provide
professional leadership, mentoring, training, and unwavering support to women
and youth eager to embrace outdoor activities.

Your sponsorship is a catalyst for change. It empowers us to offer educational opportunities, equip
individuals with resources, and create a diverse array of outdoor experiences.
Many women may have hesitated to explore the great outdoors independently, your
generous contribution ensures our mission: introducing women and youth to the
great outdoors.

DIVA WOW reciprocates with an array of promotional opportunities. Your brand will
receive maximum visibility to women worldwide
. You'll find your presence
enhanced through online advertising on our website, dedicated communications to
our members, and social media exposure.

Join us in this transformative journey. Together, we'll empower, educate, and inspire women and
youth to embrace the great outdoors and create lasting memories.

Your sponsorship is not just an investment; it's a testament to your commitment to
fostering an outdoor pursuit accessible to women worldwide.

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